Ballots Should Have Serial Numbers

There was a lot of evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election, despite what the mainstream media has been telling you. One glaring example occurred in Georgia:

Newly discovered security footage from Georgia’s State Farm Arena showed dozens of ballot counters, media, and Republican observers leaving en masse at the same time from the ballot-counting area for Fulton County. After they left, a small remnant of about four workers began pulling trunks containing thousands of ballots from underneath a table with a long tablecloth and running them through machines.

The footage supported claims from Republicans that they were told counting had stopped for the night, only to find out hours later that it had kept going on.

No, The Georgia Vote-Counting Video Was Not ‘Debunked.’ Not Even Close

The old reliable tactic of “stuffing the ballot box” with phony ballots has been a long term strategy for fraudulently winning elections in democracies all over the world. There were other claims about the Dominion voting software fraudulently altering some votes too, but let’s focus here on this tactic of adding fraudulent ballots.

So here is an idea I have that could make it a lot, lot harder to add fraudulent votes to win an election. Add a unique serial number to every legitimate ballot that is printed. Make it so that only one vote can be counted per serial number and perhaps if any two or more ballots come in with same serial number, invalidate them all. Also throw out any ballot that does not have a legitimate serial number. That way people contemplating doing this will be dissuaded because they know beforehand their attempt is guaranteed to fail. Also while we are at it make it a matter of law that the state governments publish the exact number of ballots printed with unique serial numbers and how many of those were actually issued to a real, live voter.

One immediate problem with this scheme that comes to mind is that potentially someone could record who received what serialized ballot and then there would be no secret ballot. Your vote could be revealed after the election by the serial number. Perhaps the answer is to make the serial number invisible until the voter receives the ballot. Imagine something like the lottery tickets where you have to scratch off the covering to see the number underneath.

Surely the tech wizards could come up with a coating over the serial number on the ballot that would make it technologically difficult, if not nearly impossible, to read until the coating is scratched off. Also after the election there could be a website where a person could go to and enter their serial number to confirm that their vote was correctly recorded? If wrong they could potentially, assuming they are willing to reveal their vote, challenge the result if it was not what they cast.

Surely we could come up with technology like this to make stuffing the ballot box with fake votes an order of magnitude more difficult. What do you think?