The Evil & Stupid Parties

Colt AR-15 Rifles
Colt AR-15 Rifles, the gun the Liberals love to hate.

Great quote from an article on Redstate today:

M. Stanton Evans, journalist and former president of the American Conservative Union, said, “We have two parties here, and only two. One is the evil party, and the other is the stupid party. … I’m very proud to be a member of the stupid party. … Occasionally, the two parties get together to do something that’s both evil and stupid. That’s called bipartisanship.”

It seems like some in the “stupid party,” i.e. Republicans, want to bargain with the “evil party,” i.e. Democrats, to pass some “commonsense gun control” laws. At the same time, the “evil party” is against hardening schools and arming responsible adults in those schools to protect children.

The Democrats accuse Republicans of “having blood on their hands” because Republicans have not helped them pass more gun control laws. But I suspect the truth is just the opposite (as it usually is). It is the “evil party” that has bloody hands. They don’t support truly commonsense legislation to harden and protect schools. Maybe they want more school shootings to help pass their agenda to disarm law-abiding Americans?

Most political pundits see the possibility of a “red wave” in the upcoming elections in November. Never doubt that the “stupid party” will find a way to screw up its advantages. It has a long track record of doing just that.



Another factor is school shootings we should investigate:

I wrote the article Profits From Selling Guns & Drugs back in 2018 to shed light on another possible factor in these school shootings. Psychotropic drugs might, in some cases, turn otherwise just seriously mentally ill young boys into remorseless killers playing out a fantasy in a drug-induced hallucination.

5 thoughts on “The Evil & Stupid Parties

  1. This idea of militarizing schools is completely out of touch, as if you think that would ever be willingly accepted by the vast majority of teachers, parents, and kids. Yeah, that’s just what so many parents want to see when they drop their kids off at school: staff armed to the teeth as if preparing for war instead of, I don’t know, educated solutions that get to solving the root of the problem and understanding why these events happen so frequently. Militarizing schools is what I would consider to be a symptom of a failed civilization.

    1. Have you ever carried a concealed firearm, hopefully legally? That is the idea, it is concealed, not out in plain sight to frighten parents when they drop off their kids. I have a concealed carry permit, and many people in public have no idea I am carrying a loaded firearm.

      Whether hardening our schools and arming teachers would work in the real world is not theoretical, it is a proven fact. Israel had a problem with terrorists attacking their schools. In response, they hardened the schools and armed some people in the schools. It has been very effective ever since.

      1. Israel is a terrible example unless you are trying to prove my point. Israel is in a destabilized region, often due to activities by them and us, and their oppression of the Palestinians has created their terrorists. They are a good example of the type of failure I am talking about: ignoring the real problem, solving the symptom with brute force, then pretending that that has made things “safe.”

        Whether or not weapons are concealed doesn’t change the real issue. The fact that you feel the need for the presence of more weapons at all is the real issue. You don’t bring guns to places to make them safe. You bring guns to places that are dangerous to protect yourself. Why are schools dangerous places?

        1. Another Jew hater. I have been to Israel and and have friends there. Israel is the most enlightened democracy in the middle east.

          The whole point of school employees having concealed weapons is to protect children. Doesn’t look like that is a high priority to you. Seems your priority is words, not lives.

          1. Just because I don’t approve of the actions of a theocratic ethnostate that expelled people from their homes, that doesn’t mean I hate Jews. I supposed I hate Muslims too since I don’t approve of their theocracies. Saying Israel is the most enlightened democracy in the middle east isn’t saying much. That’s like pointing out the most intelligent amoeba. It’s not much of a competition there.

            And pardon me, but this is a website of nothing but words. I see a great deal of words. What I don’t see is substantive data or information, or what one would need to believe the words being said. It’s almost as if you think your words are too good to be challenged, which explains why you make this leap to calling me a Jew hater or saying I don’t want to protect kids. Your words have no solid foundation, which is why you resort to such chest-beating ways.

            By the simple fact you think their should be armed staff at schools, you acknowledge that schools are dangerous places. I want to know why you think schools are dangerous places, and what you think is a solution to make them not dangerous places. Don’t say guns are the answer because, as I have explained, they are not the answer; they are a stopgap. If schools were not dangerous places to begin with, you wouldn’t need armed staff.

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