Profiling Is Perfectly Reasonable. In Fact, We All Do It.

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Dr. Walter E. Williams has an interesting article today (April 5, 2017) on profiling. Here is a little biographical info about Dr. Williams:

Dr. Walter E. Williams

Walter Edward Williams (born March 31, 1936) is an American economist, commentator, and academic. He is the John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University, as well as a syndicated columnist and author known for his classical liberal and libertarian conservative views. His writings frequently appear on, WND, Jewish World Review, and hundreds of newspapers throughout the United States.  –Wikipedia

Dr. Williams writes:

Profiling is needlessly a misunderstood concept. What’s called “profiling” is part of the optimal stock of human behavior and something we all do.

Let’s begin by describing behavior that might come under the heading of profiling.

Prior to making decisions, people seek to gain information. To obtain information is costly, requiring the expenditure of time and/or money. Therefore, people seek to find ways to economize on information costs.

You can continue reading this article (link below) on The Daily Signal:

Profiling Is Perfectly Reasonable. In Fact, We All Do It.



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