Tax Bill, Migration, and Government Shutdown

Taxpayers Could See Benefits From GOP Tax Bill as Early as February

President Trump

Taxpayers could see the benefits from Republicans’ tax reform as early as February, one tax expert says.

“Certainly early next year, February probably, businesses will start deducting less from employees’ paychecks, and so there you will see a benefit, you will have higher take-home income when your employer is sending less of your money to Washington,” Adam Michel, policy analyst for economic studies at The Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Signal in a phone interview.

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McConnell Backs Trump on Chain-Migration, Ditches Sen. Flake

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested Tuesday he will only bring an immigration bill to the Senate floor if it matches President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

The proposed re-alignment with Trump and his populist supporters was included in a Wednesday statement by McConnell, and undercut retiring GOP Sen. Jeff Flake’s claim on early Wednesday that McConnell had agreed to an amnesty vote in January.

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House Passes Year-End Spending Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown

The House of Representatives, in a 231-188 vote, has passed a short-term spending bill to keep the federal government running until mid-January.

The spending bill includes nearly $3 billion for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), $750 million for community efforts to combat diabetes, nearly $5 billion for the Department of Defense (DOD), as well as an extension for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) program.

-John Binder, READ MORE at Breitbart

December 21, 2017 InAmerica

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