The Fascists of the Liberal Left

Somewhere in California in America

The new face of the liberal left calls their opponents Fascists, but their actions reveal who the true Fascists are. From Breithbart News (4/21/17):

“On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher weighed in on the controversy over author Ann Coulter speaking at UC-Berkeley by declaring, “Berkeley used to be the cradle of free speech, and now it’s just the cradle for f*cking babies.” And “this is the liberals’ version of book burning, and it’s got to stop.”

Breitbart News, Maher: Cancelling Speakers on Campus Is The Liberal ‘Version of Book Burning

Some extreme Leftists are going around claiming they are rioting against Nazis and Fascists, that is, any Conservative they don’t like (which is all of them). Just another symptom of the fact these mostly younger people didn’t pay much attention in history class. If they had they would know that gangs of “Brown Shirts” Nazis did exactly the same thing using violence and intimidation to try to shut up those they didn’t like in Germany before WW2. We all know how that turned out (well at least anyone who paid any attention in their high school history class).

Riot at Berkeley, Feb. 2017

Maher is wrong though in calling them “f*cking babies.” Babies don’t threaten people and beat them up if they disagree on their politics. Thugs do. Speaking of book burning, the Nazis did that too. Quoting from Wikipedia:

“The Nazi book burnings were a campaign conducted by the German Student Union to ceremonially burn books in Nazi Germany and Austria in the 1930s. The books targeted for burning were those viewed as being subversive or as representing ideologies opposed to Nazism. These included books written by Jewish, pacifist, religious, classical liberal, anarchist, socialist, and communist authors, among others.” -Wikipedia

These Fascists of the Liberal Left are demonstrating that they have no good arguments against these Conservative speakers. If they did they wouldn’t have to resort to violence and name calling.


Article by Allen West:

“I think the American people are repulsed by what they are seeing on these college campuses,” West told WND in an interview this week. “When you have these young people that are wearing masks and things of this nature, there’s no difference between the terrorists we see operating in these other countries and them being terrorists in our country.”
Student mobs killing speech acting like ‘terrorists’


Article by Alex Pareene:

“Liberal fascism is alive and well, and seemingly everywhere one looks these days. Not since the dark days of Stalin’s purges have so many so-called progressives exercised so much violent aggression against their enemies. It is indeed a dark time to be considered an enemy of the left-liberal alliance, as so many recent victims can attest.”  Liberal fascism is everywhere: Behold its shocking rise!

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