Christmas Brings Metal Detectors and Bullet-Proof Vests

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas InAmerica we need to remember how special we are to be able to practice our religion, or lack of religion, without the threat of suicide bombers, crazy Muslim Jihadists, and intolerant Communists.

For Persecuted Christians, Christmas Brings Metal Detectors and Bullet-Proof Vests

Christian persecution

In China, enjoying a Christmas party could mean jail time for the relatives of Communist Party Members.

In Pakistan, Christians eagerly await donations of bullet-proof vests to wear to Christmas services to protect them in the event of a jihadist attack. And in Egypt, the state is ready to deploy 230,000 security personnel to churches when Coptic Christmas rolls around on January 7.

Christmas can be a stressful, dangerous time for Christians in countries where communist and Islamic majorities see them as enemies of the state, and the state often cannot or will not protect their right to celebrate.

-Frances Martel, READ MORE at Breitbart News

December 23, 2016 InAmerica

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